We try to process and ship orders as fast as possible, however due to the busier times currently, we give ourselves up to 3 weeks for order processing. It's typically much faster than that but be prepared to allow that amount of time. 

We have always tried to make sure our products are as accessible as possible which also includes pricing it as low as we can and keeping shipping costs low. Recently due to the current situation the postal services have all increased their shipping costs which meant we had to do so as well to cover the extra costs. We chose to give you two options for shipment: tracked and standard. Tracked naturally comes with increased cost but also peace of mind and more control over your parcel which the standard, while cheaper, won't be guaranteed. Please choose at your own risk as we are not accountable for the extremely rare cases of untracked parcels being lost.

Please always pay attention to pre order items' description as these tend to take longer and always have their expected shipment date mentioned. It's there to offer you transparency and avoid any confusion. 

Each specific items' description mentions the garment it was printed on which then gives you the possibility to look up any details, sizing charts, materials etc that might interest you. 

As a band member myself, I started Rising Merch in a big part due to a disappointment in the predatory ways some merchandise companies chose to run their business and the sheer disregard and lack of respect for the most important people in this industry: the artists. We have always put our bands first making sure they are supported and given a platform to give their fans a way to support them as well. We also ensure they are making the absolute maximum they can white we put our own charges and necessary fees as low as possible. 
We also work very closely with our suppliers to ensure the workers are treated fairly and supported. We made a conscious choice to print our merchandise in Europe which gives us first hand knowledge that nobody is exploited in the process of us creating the merch for you.
All of our glues, dyes, packaging and everything else we use is and forever will be free of all animal products.  

We love you guys. You are in the very centre of all we do and without you none of this would be possible. You are very important to us and we want to ensure you are supported and given any assistance you may need. However we are a small team and in our busiest times emails/messages can get missed. It really makes it easier for us when you contact us already including all details of your order and inquiry such as your order number and a specific explanation of the issue so that we can assist you as swiftly as possible. 


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